OpSource, a known cloud platform provider, has been acquired by Dimension Data and is set to be a part of their new Cloud Solutions unit. OpSource has been known to be a Managed Cloud Hosting Provider, allowing enterprises to create and manage public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

According to the CTO of OpSource, John Rowell, the desire to globalize the cloud strategy is what caused the acquisition in the first place. He said that the products would promote the service-led strategy of providing solutions to the customer throughout their life cycle.

Once the acquisition was completed, Rowell said that this is an opportunity for OpSource to grow its business and form new alliances, considering the size of Dimension Data, it will help them reach across the globe through their major partners, such as Cisco. He also said that the acquisition is about growing OpSource and making it go beyond the US.

For the time being, no financial details have been out in the open. OpSource, originating in Santa Clara, Calif, has its offices in Virginia, UK, Ireland, and India. In contrast, Dimension Data is an active member of the NTT Group, with its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.