A good number of people spend a large share of their time with computing devices such as PCs, smartphones or tablets. Whatever be the computing device you own, there is one thing common with all, they all store the data digitally.
You do your office related or academic projects on your desktop or laptop. You store the contact information of your friends or colleagues on the smartphone. You have memorable clicks of your friends or family members on your digital camera.
As long as you have your devices in good condition, you have security for the digital data stored on them. You can lose your entire data stored on the device if it gets lost, stolen or damaged. Therefore, it is important that you back up all your data to the best cloud backup service.
Best cloud backup service
Cloud backup is a concept that has gained publicity in recent times. A cloud backup facility consists of a cluster of servers connected via internet. When you use a cloud backup service to store your data, the data is backed up to the servers located in distant places. Even if you lose your data after backing up the same to the best cloud backup service, you will have them in the servers, ready to be accessed from anywhere in the world.
Currently, there are hundreds of cloud backup services available. Many of them offer a certain amount of free space for the users. Nevertheless, it is good that you examine the unique features and plus points of each service before setting one as your default cloud backup service. Here, a small description about a few cloud backup services is given. Go through the same to find the best cloud backup service for yourself.
Super Backup
Super Backup enables scheduled backup. You can choose where to back up your data, say SD card or Gmail.
Go Backup and Restore
A well-liked cloud backup service, Go Backup and Restore claims to have its own servers to help users back up their important data. It can also let you copy data to your existing cloud backup services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Simple interface, short sign up procedure and improved security options are its key features.
You can either choose a specific backup service to be the default one or share your data between multiple backup services. Remember, most cloud providers offer only a limited amount of space for free. Additional space has to be subscribed.