Affordable Cloud Backup Services

Any data stored on your PC or storage device is potentially at risk. It can get lost at any time by factors such as hard disk failure, virus attack or theft. Therefore, it is very important to back up important data on a daily basis.

Data backup options

Generally speaking, there are two data backup options, online data storage options or cloud back up storage and offline data storage (storing data on external hard disks). In terms of the amount of data you can store, offline data storage options are a few steps ahead of online data storage options. An average external hard disk you find in the market allows you to store up to 1 TB (terabyte) of data.
You can back up your valuable data within minutes. You do not require an internet connection to transfer data from your PC to an external hard drive. Nonetheless, external hard drives do not guarantee data security. Data stored in external hard disks are susceptible to virus attacks. Besides that, they do not give you access to your data from anywhere you wish.
Conversely, cloud backup services allow you to store your data online. The data stored in the best cloud backup service is not vulnerable to any security risks. Once the data is saved, it remains intact for good. The best part is that you can access this data from anywhere in the world, given that you have a PC with an internet connection.

How to back up data online?

In order to store your data online, you need to create an account with any of the best cloud backup services. Once the account is created, you can choose between freemium subscription plans and premium subscription plans.

Freemium Cloud Backup Service

Freemium subscription plans Vs premium subscription plans
Popular cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox offer a certain quantity of free data storage. If you have only a small quantity of data to be stored online, you can choose the freemium subscription. As per the latest plans, Google Drive and OneDrive allow users to store up to 15GB of data for free. If you think this is not enough, you can go for the premium subscription plans.

Which is the best cloud backup service?

It is difficult to point out the best cloud backup service from the many services available. Each service betters in one or the other ways than the other. Your choice of the cloud backup service must be based on your specific requirements.