Backup Your Files With Free Cloud Storage Services

Safe and secure data storage could be one of the important priorities if you are running a business. The customer data and the data related to your business are important and therefore, you need to find a safe storage space for it. Even though you may purchase a hard drive of big storage capacity or use external hard drives for the purpose, these devices can get corrupted at any point of time.
Therefore, storing your files on any of the locations that are safe is important.

In this situation, the free cloud storage providers can come to your help. These service providers offer free storage space to their customers. Thus, you can start storing your important files online without shelling out a penny. All you need is a good internet connection to upload these files to the cloud servers. In this post, we will acquaint you with some of the best free cloud storage providers in the market that you can trust.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive

Microsoft helps you to store your valuable data with its service called SkyDrive. If you have a Microsoft account, you can log in to this space and start to upload your files. SkyDrive offers 25 GB of free storage space to the users. One of the only restrictions of SkyDrive is that you are not allowed to store files of sizes bigger than 100 MB. However, as most of the files fall below this limit, you may be able to use the service without much trouble. If you require more storage space, you may choose from any of the paid storage plans.


Amazon has also created its own cloud network for users to store their personal and official files. The file storage limit of Amazon is restricted to 5 GB. Even though this storage limit is much less when compared to Microsoft SkyDrive, you may sign up for the service if you have only a few files to store. Just like SkyDrive, Amazon offers different plans to the users for storing files.


Apple has a user-friendly cloud storage space with a storage limit of 5 GB. The service also offers to play your favorite music files directly from the cloud network. For this, all you need is an iTunes account.
We have just discussed three major free cloud storage providers in the market. You can find many other free cloud storage providers like DropBox, which offers you ample data storage space online.