Cloud Storage Providers

It is much possible these days to find a cheap, free, fast, good, and personal cloud storage service that suits your specific needs. Actually, there are numerous free cloud storage providers out there who can offer you gigabytes of free cloud storage. SkyDrive from Microsoft is one of the free cloud storage providers and it allows the users to save, access, and share files.
In most of the operating systems, you will have to use SkyDrive through a web browser, Internet Explorer by default, but this cloud storage service will work with the other web browsers also. However, SkyDrive service does work hand-in-glove with the file manager in Windows 8 operating system. This service also works well in partnership with the Microsoft Office suite also.
Like Google Drive, it also comes with its own cloud-based office software. This software is called Office Web Apps. There are also features of this cloud storage service that troubles the users. This service allows the users to grab files from any computer that is associated with your account and pulls these files into the cloud remotely. This feature is great if you have forgotten to take your PowerPoint presentation from home. This feature is not great if some hacker gets hold of Microsoft account login information and your phone for SkyDrive’s two-way authentication code and then decides to download your Quicken finance files.

Cloud Storage Help

The users have the option to turn this feature off, but it is set to be on by default. This can prove to be a security hole for the user. One of the advantages of free cloud storage providers is that SkyDrive with seven gigabytes of free cloud storage offers more free storage than many of the other services. If you would like to have more than 20 GB of free storage, you will have to pay ten dollars a year. For 50 GB, you will have to pay 25 dollars and 100 GB of extra space will cost you 50 dollars per year.
For Windows users, SkyDrive has become the cloud solution of choice. The price of this service is great, it works very well with the Windows 8 OS, along with Box, and it is the only service that works natively with the Windows powered phones. You should be careful while using the ability to download remotely from your computer.
Review the features of the various free cloud storage providers and choose the one that best suits your specific requirements and preferences. Consult with DataNet Pacific today to learn more about our cloud storage services.