Various Points Regarding Cloud Computing

Times have progressed and the entire face of computer technology has changed. Earlier, computers required software installed in them to be of any use to us. Now, all one needs is an internet connection and some basic level software to get you started with any kind of productivity tool. Cloud computing brings each type of service; whether you want productivity tools or you want a highly specialized programming platform, to your computer using an internet connection.
Even the business model has changed. Earlier, IT companies were limited to selling programs in forms of Discs or through online downloads. Now, IT companies provide cloud solutions, in which the user has access to any form of service online for a fixed duration. Earlier you were the proprietary owner of the software whereas now you have the advantage of becoming a monthly subscriber.
There are several advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and understanding each of them will help you decide if you want to make the jump. Users have to understand that cloud computing is still in its nascent phase and more changes need to be brought out before it can be deemed perfect.
The major advantage of cloud computing is storage and scalability. IT infrastructure is extremely costly and becomes defunct in an extremely short duration. From maintenance to scalability, many different factors come into play when maintaining a local infrastructure alone. If you opt for cloud computing, you can bid farewell to all such responsibilities because it has now been shifted into the hands of your cloud service provider.
Among the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, the trump card should obviously be backup and disaster recovery. The data and information in enterprises are extremely sensitive and need to be guarded well both against privy eyes as well as damage. Cloud service providers make multiple back-ups of your data so you get access to them no matter what kind of calamity occurs.
Local Infrastructure However, when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, one particular disadvantage that sticks out is Security. No matter what kind of encryption is employed, cloud computing is yet to grow as strong as putting something in a bank vault. Private cloud service that is not connected to the World Wide Web is a whole lot secure than conventional cloud computing but comes at the cost of decreased features.
With time, the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing are bound to change, with the advantages increasing by the day and the limitations eliminated in time. Having the best cloud service provider will show you a completely new and improved way of computing.