Best Cloud Computing Companies In The Market

Many businesses have started to make use of cloud computing services as they find them to be helpful and reliable. Since data sharing and data storage has become a priority for businesses, cloud computing companies have started to play a major role in helping businesses manage data effectively. So, which are the top cloud computing companies? In this post, we will list you some of the best cloud computing companies in the market.

Cloud services from Amazon

Among the top cloud computing companies, the cloud services from Amazon holds the first position. The company consistently strives to develop innovative ideas in the sector and has been providing the best customer service over the years according to experts.

Cloud services from Verizon

Recently, Verizon acquired two of its rivals, Terremark and CloudSwitch and this has helped the company improve its cloud infrastructure to a large extent. The company is putting up a great fight against Amazon in the market.

Smart Cloud from IBM

Smart Cloud was launched in the year 2011 and since then, it has been able to attract a large number of customers to the service and has become one of the top cloud computing companies in the market.


Salesforce is known for its CRM software. However, the acquisition of Heroku has led the company to the cloud computing industry and it is now one of the top cloud computing companies.

Computer Sciences Corporation

BizCloud, the service that helps users to make use of the latest cloud-based infrastructure with their IT systems, has been developed by CSC. BizCloud is considered to be one of the best IT integration methods in the market.

Cloud services from Rackspace

When it comes to earnings, Rackspace holds the second position behind Amazon. The company recently acquired Cloudkick that specializes in cloud management technology and this has helped it to offer better cloud computing services to its customers.

Cloud services from Google

There is a large number of users for the cloud services of Google. The search engine expert is taking advantage of a large number of its existing users on other platforms.

Cloud services from Microsoft

The cloud service launched by the software giant is called Azure. It offers various cloud services to its users with the use of the latest technologies.

We have mentioned only a few cloud computing companies here. Remember that there are many others in the market and therefore, go through the features of each of these services before making your choice.