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Fast, secured, and fully managed 24/7

Based on innovative technology, our cloud hosting platform is ultra fast, auto-scaleable and allows you to customize your plan.

Whether you are starting a small business or need to host a high-traffic enterprise, your best managed cloud hosting option is here.

  • Ultra-fast platform

  • Fully-managed servers

  • Autoscalable resources

  • Daily backups

  • VIP support

  • Security enabled


Fast, secured, and fully managed cloud desktop

Hosted virtual desktop are run from a hosted private cloud. Employees can login from a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device and have access to the same workspace regardless of what device they are using.

It is obvious that we are in the center of a universal technology shift. With that being said, cloud computing, fueled by the move to 100% virtualized environments, represents an enormous platform change that is altering the current situation of IT.

As this continues to gain momentum, IT strategies must be defined, planned against, and implemented in the context of this new world order versus continuing IT paradigms.

Our cloud hosting platform provides:

  • Fully-managed servers

  • Ultra-fast connection

  • Elimate hardware refresh

  • Environment privatization

  • VIP support

  • Powerful security

“I want to thank you and your team for the patience, skills, and kindness delivered to our IT project. You should be proud of the level  of professionalism demonstrated by your company.”

“Thank you, thank you, for you stellar management of the  cloud migration! We are so grateful for your help, support, brilliance and kindness.”

Pete Natoli, Dan's Fan City

“I grow more and more grateful for the DataNet team with each encounter. They make the process enjoyable, even in moments where we can’t figure out why things won’t work how they should. Thank you for being so amazing :)”

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Get anywhere, anytime, any device access

Whether your industry requires a private environment to run your desktop or your applications are unique to your business, a private environment might be the best fit for you.

Extend life of hardware
Autoscale CPU and resources
Access your work on any of your devices
650+ business apps supported
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Benefits of cloud hosting

  • 30-50% Savings on Technology Costs
    By migrating to cloud hosted virtual desktops, you can extend the life of existing desktops, postpone large capital expenditures or reduce the cost of high-end devices. You will also see a significant savings in your operating expense, between 30-50%.

  • Worry-free IT
    Stay focused on running your business. Remove IT headaches and get the benefits of modern cloud-based IT with DataNet Pacific.

  • Ultimate remote work platform
    Experience the same familiar Windows desktop across all your devices, whether you’re in the office, on the road, or working from home.

  • Flexible options
    Access one-click ordering from our marketplace with over 650 of the most popular business applications, including Microsoft Office 365, SAGE 100 ERP, and more. No set up or configuration needed – just download and go!

  • Predictable Monthly Costs
    Rely on enterprise-grade capabilities at an SMB price point, in one monthly bill for all services and apps.

  • BYOD – bring your own device!
    Bring your own device is changing the business world. Not only has it increased productivity and innovation, but it has also helped with employee satisfaction and cost savings.


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