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Eliminate threats and secure your network

Threats to data security and network intrusion are becoming more common and you are only as safe as your weakest link. This is why businesses are taking action and partnering up with network security specialists like DataNet Pacific Systems.

Our team uses tested procedures to determine which security policies need to be implemented on your network. We identify security holes and breaches in your network, patch them up and eliminate them, and prevent them from occurring.

Our cloud hosting platform provides:

  • Ultra-fast connection

  • Fully-managed servers

  • Autoscalable resources

  • Daily backups

  • VIP support

  • Powerful security

“I grow more and more grateful for the DataNet team with each encounter. They make the process enjoyable, even in moments where we can’t figure out why things won’t work how they should. Thank you for being so amazing :)”

“I want to thank you and your team for the patience, skills, and kindness delivered to our IT project. You should be proud of the level  of professionalism demonstrated by your company.”

“Thank you, thank you, for you stellar management of the  cloud migration! We are so grateful for your help, support, brilliance and kindness.”

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Seamless network security platform

From next-gen firewalls, unified threat management systems, email, and malware protection, DataNet protects your business critical data from the most advanced threats.

Protect your network from latest threats
Secure personal and client data
Enterprise-grade security solutions
Predictable monthly costs
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Benefits of network security

  • Decrease risk
    Successful breaches are your worst nightmare in the IT world. It often results in corruption of your network and physical systems, massive loss in revenue from downtime, and ultimately your business reputation hangs in the balance.

  • Worry-free IT
    Stay focused on running your business. Remove IT headaches and get the benefits of modern security solutions with DataNet Pacific.

  • Disaster recovery
    Be proactive and have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan as anything can happen in life and business. If disaster strikes, you have provisions in place to help your business recovery quickly.

  • Comprehensive IT
    Meet all your IT needs with a single trusted adviser. Work closely with our engineers to construct a platform of the right solutions aligned with your needs.

  • Predictable Monthly Costs
    Rely on enterprise-grade capabilities at an SMB price point, in one monthly bill for all services and apps.


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