Cloud has been a top data backup software platform for enterprises to secure their data. Data Dimension offers a series of cloud computing services. The company has recently announced new facilities for both public and private cloud infrastructures to make cloud computing more adaptable. Features of these services will revolve around planning, designing, deployment and management of cloud infrastructures, even for hybrid clouds. The new services offer the Dimension Data Managed Cloud Infrastructure. The cloud platform will be delivering cloud services integrated with Cloud Control, a management tool to automate cloud provisioning, orchestration, admin tasks, and billing. With the previously mentioned services, it even includes advisory and consultation on cloud enablement, integration across IT systems and clouds, managed hosting, managed services, and disaster recovery as their value-added services.

Data Backup Software Services by Dimension Data

Previously Dimension Data bought the cloud and managed hosting provider OpSource, adding it to their Cloud Solutions business department. It provided Data Dimension with more than 600 customers using its cloud automation infrastructure and services.

Managing Director of THINK strategies, Jeffery Kaplan said,” Dimension Data has not only figured out how to align its traditional technology reseller and systems integration services with its new layer of cloud services but is determined to deliver them in a tightly coupled fashion to meet the evolving needs of its customers worldwide.”

The reason behind introducing such services is to eliminate the complications arising when uploading data to the cloud. According to Dimension Data, with the help of cloud services enterprises can leverage the services such as paying for computing services as an operating expense than capital. Besides, they were planning to offer computing-as-a-service (CaaS) for private or public cloud or private cloud hosted in its data center or provider CaaS. The service will allow service providers to deploy their cloud services in Dimension Data or client data center.

The company firmly believes that they can have a shot against the existing cloud service provider due to their offerings, a single delivery platform for private and public platform. It also offers a single user interface (UI) allowing users to manage everything, for public and private clouds, with one tool. Since Dimension Data offers system integration globally, it has real cloud technology, cloud management systems, operational capability, and now with the addition of globally reached cloud services, a complete Data Backup Software. All these features offer Dimension Data a fat chance against many of its competitors in the cloud market, said Dimension Data.

According to a recent report State of Cloud Computing Survey, new users of the platform as a service, software as a service, and the cloud computing services were increased overall. The analyses of the survey showed that among the users already using cloud services, 57% were using SaaS, 56% use visualization tech providers, 42% were using platforms, 27% used infrastructure.

You can avail the services in either public or private cloud service models. Each of the two models has several price models to choose from. You can pay monthly or burst options for public CaaS, and small, medium or custom for private CaaS. The costing for Public CaaS included 4 cents for processing units/hour or 2 cents for random access memory/hour. For their private clouds, the price ranged from $20,000 per month to several hundred thousand dollars.