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Office 365 Security

Multi Layer Security, Backup, Archiving and eDiscovery

Secure and Protect Office 365 Environments

Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 offers triple protection through multilayered email security, compliance archiving, and cloud-to-cloud backup capabilities.

Key Solution Advantages

  • Advanced Threat Detection

  • Third-party archive for compliance and eDiscovery

  • Backup and recovery for Office 365

  • Cloud-based central management

Barracuda Essential for Office 365

Triple Protection for Office 365
Fortify SMB Productivity

Companies of all sizes need an easy-to-manage, comprehensive productivity solution. They need protection against email-borne attacks, the ability to archive emails with policy-based retention and search capabilities, and automated backup and recovery for emails, attachments, and files. Barracuda Essentials provides vital, multi-layered security, archiving, and data protection for Office 365 environments to enable you to prepare, migrate, and operate faster, safer, and more efficiently. With complete protection of email, data, and cloud infrastructures, Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 gives you peace of mind.

Enterprise-Grade Solution

  • Cloud-based email security with encryption and Data Loss Prevention

  • Cloud-based archiving for compliance and eDiscovery

  • PST management for faster migration

  • Protection against accidental or malicious deletion

1. Email-Borne Threat Protection The Barracuda Email Security Service includes Advanced Threat Detection to help keep email-borne attacks outside your networks and provides email continuity and data leakage protection. 


2. Archiving for Compliance Barracuda Cloud Email Archiving Service integrates with Office 365 to create a cloud-based, indexed archive that enables granular retention policies, extensive search, auditing/permissions, legal hold, and export to facilitate eDiscovery and retention.


Litigation holds preserve email from tampering. Native and mobile apps provide intuitive interfaces that simplify search to ensure messages are found easily, even when email services are unavailable. 


3. Automated & On-Demand Backups While Office 365 offers scalability and redundancy to help mitigate natural and mechanical failures, other risks —including human error and acts of malice—can lead to irreversible data loss.


Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365 protects Exchange Online mailboxes and OneDrive for Business files and folders from data loss and accidental deletion.

Product Overview 

Intuitive Management

Design Consistency across Email Security, Archiving, and backup interfaces simplifies operations while increasing solution effectiveness.

Office 365 Security Product Features

Email Security
  • Advanced Threat Detection

  • Email encryption

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Cloud-based protection against:
    - Spam
    - Email-borne viruses (inbound and outbound)
    - Email-based malware
    - Data leaks
    - Phishing emails
    - Unsecured emails
    - Denial-of-Service attacks

Web-Based Management
  • Cloud-based central configuration and management

  • LDAP and multi-factor authentication

  • Centrally managed security policies

  • Reports accessible from any location

  • Mobile applications

  • Archive directly from Office 365 to cloud-based archive

  • PST management for legacy email

  • Granular retention policies

  • Native and mobile apps for easy access

  • Full text search with multiple operators

  • Standard and custom policies:

- Foul language

- Personal email use
- Personally identifiable information
- Violation alert digests
- Legal hold

PST Management
  • Locates PST files wherever they exist

  • Determines ownership intelligently based on content

  • Discovers all PST files regardless of location or state

  • Zero footprint client minimizes impact on end users

  • Parallel processing avoids throttling and improves performance

  • Minimizes network impact by migration directly to archive

  • Selective processing migrates only data that is needed

  • Backup and recovery for Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business

  • Centralized administration

  • Custom retention policies

  • Granular scheduling and restores

  • Automated or manual backups Multi-selection restores

  • Restore back to Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, or download files locally

Secure Cloud Data Centers
  • AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit

  • Public key cryptography (RSA 1024)

  • File name stripping

  • Isolated customer metadata databases

  • Redundant storage (geographic and within each colocation facility)

  • Tier 3 & 4 data centers

  • SSAE 16 or SOC audited data centers


“Using Office 365… was truly liberating. I love how it doesn’t discriminate about what operating system or browser you want to work in.”

— Two Camels Films
(Office 365 Small Business Customer)