With the concept of working remotely at a peak, it can raise security concerns for the organizations leaning on the Cloud Security platforms. In some organizations, teams might rely on familiar systems and platforms established to accelerate digital and cloud transformation. In contrast, this change might feel like trial by fire for some organizations. Companies offering network security services, like Optiv, and software development, like Atlassian, provide insights related to the security issues amidst COVID-19.

The chief security officer of Atlassian, Adrian Ludwig, said that his employees are working across the globe, while the majority of his business is cloud-based. They don’t own or run physical data centres, except two, he added. In recent year, the company has put up security measures to ensure that only their employees use the devices. While getting up the security measures, there were some hiccups in the past few weeks, as the team was directed to work remotely, said Ludwig. Their VPN capabilities were not as strong as they expected it to be, which led to some failures.

The changes in the routine are what led them to restore secure access to their services. Atlassian is known to follow zero-trust networking principle with the help of different applications providing multiple levels of protection. Ludwig added that their most sensitive applications could only be accessed through a recognized device.