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Maintaining day-to-day business operations leaves little time for “should-dos” like upgrading software, monitoring your security configuration, and learning software best practices. You want to improve daily operations and get more out of technology investments, but roadblocks, lack of expertise, and being short-staffed may prevent you from moving forward.

From consulting to software conversions to managed security services, DataNet Pacific offers flexible, high-quality professional services to help you be more successful. Our expert consultants can help reduce your workload and educate your team to ensure better outcomes. Learn more about how you could benefit from the services we provide.

Our professional IT services include:

  • Tech implementation

  • Product training

  • Hardware management

  • Virtual backups

  • Security and maintenance

  • IT management packages

“Thank you, thank you, for you stellar management of the  cloud migration! We are so grateful for your help, support, brilliance and kindness.”

Pete Natoli, Dan's Fan City

“I want to thank you and your team for the patience, skills, and kindness delivered to our IT project. You should be proud of the level  of professionalism demonstrated by your company.”

“I grow more and more grateful for the DataNet team with each encounter. They make the process enjoyable, even in moments where we can’t figure out why things won’t work how they should. Thank you for being so amazing :)”

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Setup hardware, PCs, and network

By working with us, we take on all IT related matters so you can focus on running your business.

Consultation and training services
IT assessments and implementation
Setup network, PCs, and office devices
Server and storage environment setup
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Benefits of DataNet Pacific professional services

  • Advisory consulting

     We deeply integrate into your organization to address all of your challenges and identify the best path to reach your strategic goals. Towing the line between strategy and execution, we work with you to understand where your business really is, where you want it to go and what it truly takes to get there—without the costly risk of trial-by-error.

  • Network and IT assessment

    Our assessment services help you understand your complete environment and the opportunities to improve operations, arming you with the knowledge and context to create an effective plan and move forward with confidence.

  • Digital transformation

    We can help you determine your current state and prioritize your step-by-step roadmap that will help your business complete in an always-on world. Transition from the traditional methods and transform your office environment with powerful solutions such as cloud hosting, VOIP phone, and digital paperless forms with workflow automation.

  • Systems and storage

    We help you design a storage architecture that allows simplified management and data protection across traditional and newer applications. Our expers can present you with our various options and deploy it all smoothly.

  • Collaboration and project management

    Effective collaboration is critical in the modern workplace, ensuring positive customer experience and business productivity for your employees. Let our experts help you harness the power of modern communication, enabling innovation and collaboration and helping you achieve it fully.


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