There is no doubt that data centers and private cloud environments have struggled to achieve unlimited storage and data management features, extending beyond their endpoint. With time, public cloud architectures have grown and offered low-cost, flexible storage, and robust backup options. Private clouds and data centers are looking up to the public cloud to develop the same level of capabilities. Luckily, a handful of companies have decided to address these issues.

One of these companies is Druva, which has recently updated the sync managed data offering. Besides storing data and files, inSync can now offer highly available scale-out storage based on Open Stack SWIFT protocol. The new update has the capability to backup files, object storage, and remote data from the endpoint devices. Druva is set to target the Open Stack private Cloud Server Hosting.

Companies are also busy in finding and offering innovative solutions in the Open Stack framework. Some of them even offer backup software products, while some provide improved security service, and others offer integrated backup options from remote servers.

Examples of the innovation include All9s, which is currently looking for beta users for its pre-release version of Open Stack software backup and recovery solution. All9s is new in the market, and the best tests are required to be done in a non-production environment. Cloud Berry Lab has started to support Open Stack Keystone Identity Service, which is a project by Open Stack that provides identity, token, catalog, and security policy service. Moreover, Zamanda offered its Amanda Enterprise network backup software to be used in the Open Stack framework.

Druva CEO and co-founder, Jaspreet Singh, recently spoke about the IT management struggles in a data center and of those trying to deploy private cloud infrastructures. He said that people want public cloud type storage infused in their private clouds. It can be hard to deliver a true scale-out object storage solution and block storage, limited in scalability.

According to Singh, Druva’s latest technology will offer the benefits of a cloud within their data center. With in Sync’s backup capability, one can have continuous data protection.

Druva also shared the design of their latest architecture, showing Singh’s point. In Sync is managing the file shares and objects within while backing up the data it manages. The new updated in Sync version promises to reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple backup products.

It is an exciting opportunity to witness the new storage and data management products for the data center and Open Stack. These additions will make it easier to architect, plan, and deploy IT solutions for your businesses or enterprises, along with easing you into the cloud world.

Are you thinking about a private Open Stack cloud? If so, how far have you come? Have you tested any of the products mentioned above? Or are you struggling with the object storage capabilities? Let us know your thoughts, so we all can benefit from shared experiences.